Essential UK – Part One

We step away from the Essential Australia series for a moment and move back to our home in the UK. This is mainly inspired by a fellow blogger Samantha who is currently living in London, having moved from Canada. That in conjunction with the current world climate, including Brexit and the delight that is President Trump, I want you all to know that the UK is still a magnificent country full of wonder and bliss – an adventure like no other which is simply waiting for you.

Here are some of the essential elements to the beautiful, eclectic British Isles. … More Essential UK – Part One

Where Memories are made – Whipsnade

When we returned from living in Canada we settled in a lovely country village not too far away from where we both grew up. One of the wonders of the location is that it is only a few miles from one of the UK top zoo’s.

I know what you’re thinking, a Zoo? Well Whipsnade zoo is not just any normal Zoo; it houses a huge amount of sentimental family memories and is renowned as one of the premier zoological societies in all of Europe. … More Where Memories are made – Whipsnade

A True Differential – College Lake

We live in a beautiful part of the UK with wildlife and nature surrounding us we sometimes forget how lucky we are…

A little known spot in the small countryside town of Tring, Hertfordshire is College Lake Nature Reserve. The spot of a former chalk quarry, the reservoir has been transformed into a thriving natural reserve and eco system. It’s now home to thousands of animals of hundred of different species. … More A True Differential – College Lake

The Importance of Home

Home – Home is somewhere special.

It’s a place you don’t really consider as your favourite, because you live there.

It’s a place you don’t always appreciate, because you spend all your time there.

It’s a place you wouldn’t consider to blog about, because it’s not travel, it’s not interesting; it’s not an adventure… … More The Importance of Home

Out of the Box England – An Americans Request – Finale

It’s funny what we discovered our American friend had never experienced: Wispa and Aero Chocolate Bars A country pub A Kinder Egg – Actually Illegal in USA Pimms Yorkshire Puddings Fried Bread Take away wine (in plastic glass) A Chinese and Fish & Chip Restaurant in the same location Donor Kebab’s Fried Bread Red Leicester … More Out of the Box England – An Americans Request – Finale