Exceeding Expectations

One of the best feelings is when your destination exceeds all expectations. High expectations usually lead to disappointment, while low expectations turn out as is…. It is a rare commodity these days for somewhere to blow me away. Maybe its high expectations or the fact we have been so spoilt with such incredible cultures, countries, sites and experiences. … More Exceeding Expectations

The Sunday Question

If you had the opportunity to visit any country what would it be and why?

Of course that is probably the worst question to ask an experienced traveller, however currently we would have to say Brazil.

Brazil covers a multitude of desires, if not every aspect that we look for in A Wandering Memory. … More The Sunday Question

A New World – Hawaii – The Big Island

Whilst researching, my Island Wanderlust jogged a Wandering Memory of our trip to Hawaii in 2013. We were very excited, as essentially in my mind it encapsulated the idyllic Pacific islands with a bit of American capitalism. Therefore we booked to visit 3 islands, Hawaii (The Big Island), Maui and Oahu. Read the Full story and review … More A New World – Hawaii – The Big Island

Fire, Ice & Northern lights – A weekend in Iceland

It dawned on us late last year that we keep travelling to distant exotic locations whereby for a long while we hadn’t really taken advantage of our own backyard. So we made a commitment that we would stay ‘local’… That is apart from the trip to Western Australia – HA! Anyhow putting that blip aside … More Fire, Ice & Northern lights – A weekend in Iceland