Faith that unity will follow disbelief!

As part of an extensive travelling community, we are huge advocates of cultural understanding, working together and a united world.

As millions of people worldwide woke up today to the news that a global superpower had elected Donald Trump as their President, there is a sense of anxiety, fear and disbelief in the air. This is fuelled by allegations of racism, bigotry, sexism and xenophobia against the now President elect. These allegations, however do not seem to have affected the businessman’s appeal to the majority of Americans. … More Faith that unity will follow disbelief!

Brexit & Travel

A Wandering Memory was originally conceived as a travel blogging site, priding ourselves on sharing and inspiring our readers to go out experience the world as we have. We believe in community and that an experience/memory is worth its weight in gold.

This blog will be the first where we branch out and touch on the political climate currently dominating the UK. … More Brexit & Travel