Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

A year is a long period of time in the word of Wanderlust.

Through a varied mix of media such as the TV, Radio, Movies the Internet and Literature, as a society we are presented with the opportunity to dream like never before. All outlets offer inspiration through the thoughts or journeys of others. Looking at it from that perspective, this range of media actually includes all of us with blogs about travel. As we have the aspiration to share and inspire others to travel, we are essentially an integral part of the Wanderlust concept. … More Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

What’s your favourite?

Being a passionate traveller and having travelled to fifty nine countries worldwide we are consistently asked

What’s your favourite?

This is the worst question to ask a true traveller, as deciding is near on impossible. Each country holds something special, unique Wandering Memories influenced by the personal experience.

My standard response is… ‘I can’t decide that, it’s like asking a film critic what their favorite movie is or a music fan whose their favourite band?’

Well for the first time I will document down a number of our favourite Wandering Memories. … More What’s your favourite?

Experience Bucketlist – part 3

Following on from A Wandering Memories Bucketlist series (part 1/part 2) over this week and in celebration of us reaching our 1st year anniversary, here is part three of A Wandering Memory’s experience Bucketlist.

Walking with the Emperor Penguins
An international flight to Buenos Aires, followed by an internal flight, boat ride or coach journey to Ushuaia. … More Experience Bucketlist – part 3

Experience Bucketlist

Bucketlist – A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

Usually the term Bucketlist is usually reserved for people contemplating their own mortality, reminiscing on missed opportunities or fantasizing about the experiences of others. More recently, however the term has been inducted into the world of travel, and referenced in many a conversation by an eclectic audience. … More Experience Bucketlist